Things to know before your Appointment

    1. Please be prepared to pay any fees and outstanding balance before your appointment!
    2. When checked in, you have to use bathroom BEFORE you are taken to the Ultrasound room! Failure to do so, may cause significant delays for other clients who are coming after you.
    3. Please note: At your appointment, you will NOT see the doctor in person if you come for the following Ultrasound scans:

      NT Scan(12-13 weeks/30 min long);
      Basic Anatomy(18 weeks/ 60 min long);
      Detailed Anatomy(18 weeks/60 min long);
      Echo(22 weeks/60 min long)
      Your Doctor will still read and analyze your ultrasound! If abnormality is discovered, the Doctor
      will come to see you in person.
    4. In the event of unforeseen circumstances may arise in HRPD, please be prepared for prolonged wait times due to Emergencies and other internal factors!
    5. If there is any change at any time in your insurance coverage, you have to notify the front desk to avoid penalties. If you have secondary insurance, please let our office know immediately as it may cause HRPD to rebill all your claims from scratch!
    6. If you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you have to notify the office 24 hours in advance to avoid penalties
    7. If you have a question about your Genetic Test with NATERA, please contact Matthew Jennings at NATERA to discuss the results any billing questions: tel: (918) 833-1634
    8. If you need to reach our nurse, please call her direct line: (972) 668-6262. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR MAIN LINE TO REACH THE NURSE!

HRPD Fee Schedule

  • If appointment is canceled or rescheduled in less than 24 hours prior your appointed time, $50 fee
    will be added to the patient’s balance or $100 for the extensive 1 hour-long scans, as outlined
  • FMLA letter – $25.00
  • Doctor’s Signed Letter – $15.00
  • Release of Records – $15.00
  • Detailed Claim Records – $25.00.
  • Failure to disclose all current insurance coverage and changes in my policy will result in claims re-submission fee or $250.00, whichever is greater.
  • All deductibles must be paid in full by 26 weeks of pregnancy.
  • All concierge payment plans will be collected in accordance with the signed concierge contract
  • In office circumcision fee: $400. We will NOT bill your insurance for this cosmetic procedure!